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Ch Dagrun II NorthCape*Ru  ns09

                  (colour: black silver with white)

Date of birth 07.06.2016

Champion FIFe


Sire: CH Asgard Dikaya Krassa, NFO n 02

Dam: GIC & WCh Helga North Cape, NFO ns 09 24

Pawpeds pedigree

Our beautiful Norwegian forest cat Dagrun II was brought from St. Petersburg. She is the main cat in the cattery - she always knows what she wants and always achieves this. She also looks after the order and other cats and has shown herself to be a very affectionate and caring mother.

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IC FI*RockyHill's Choctaw  ns

                      (colour: black silver)

Date of birth 07.03.2018

International Champion FIFe


Sire: CH RockyHill's Geronimo, M, NFO ns 22

Dam: Hopeahännän Vanessa, F, NFO fs

Pawpeds pedigree

Our brave girl from Finland, right after a long journey, fit perfectly into the gang - she is very playful and mobile. She is named after the tribe of good Indians who did not fight with the USA. And this reflects her character well - peace-loving and friendly, the most sociable in the cattery, when she is in a good mood she can run with joyful  Indian cries) Sometimes it seems that she has wings - she can fly up to the very ceiling and go down from there in a matter of seconds. But she always descends headfirst as true Norwegian forest cat should do.

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 Сarol Viking Heritage*RU as22

         (colour: blue silver blotched tabby)

Date of birth 14.07.2019

per parents GSD IV NN; PK def NN

Sire:  GIC  Asger Viking Heritage*RU, NFO as22

Dam: CH D*Noctiluca's Lanfear, NFO ns22

Pawpeds pedigree

A small fluffy lump grows and turns into a beautiful and very harmonious Norwegian forest cat with an incredibly long tail, a stunning head shape and a beautiful silver coat. This is complemented by the most tender character - when she sees us, she immediately begins to purr.

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 Dorothy Viking Heritage*RU ns

                  (colour: black silver)

Date of birth 16.07.2019

per parents  GSD IV NN; PK def NN

Sire: WCF GIC & IC Gudmund Aborigen, NFO ns 23

Dam:  CH Dagrun-II North Cape, NFO ns 09

Pawpeds pedigree

Dorothy has been surprising us since her birth. To begin with, she was born with an unusually large weight of 185 grams, covered with long black hair she looked like a mammoth. Wool gave way to a magnificent fur coat, and pure black turned into deep smoky silver - we did not see such a beautiful contrast ourselves never before. Last but not least, she has a balanced Nordic temperament of the Norwegian forest cat.

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 NL*Titran's Kalisha fs22

  (colour: black tortie silver blotched tabby)

Date of birth 31.08.2019

per parents  GSD IV NN; PK def NN

Sire: Wildheart Tiger Manitu , NFO n 09 23

Dam:  Eyops Going On, NFO gs 09

Pawpeds pedigree

Kalisha came to us from one of the oldest European catteries and she represents the best traits of classic skogkatt. She is very calm and confident. Her look can illustrate an alert expression described in the FIFe NFO standard

 S*Little L's Ultra Violet fs24

  (colour: black tortie silver spoted tabby)

Date of birth 23.09.2019

per parents  GSD IV NN; PK def NN

Sire: SC S*Uncut Diamond Öystein DVM

Мать:  CH S*Little L's Midnight Pearl

Ultra Violet came to us from the heart of Scandinavia  - Swedish cattery located between Oslo, Stockholm and  Copenhagen. We brought her via Oslo so we can say that she is from the cradle of Norwegian forest cats.  She represents modern Norwegian type with long wide-set ears. She was praised by judges at her first show and they said that she is a future star..